LED Area / Parking Lot Light Fixtures

LED Shoebox Area / Parking Lot Light Fixtures – Outdoor Area Luminaires
Continued use of the classic American Shoebox Light Housing decades of mature product design, Heavy gauge die cast aluminum housing are strong and sturdy, Equipped with a new LED Engine, Compared to traditional products to enhance the energy efficiency and life span.
Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V light distribution optional.
Applications: Parking lots, walkways, campuses, car dealerships, office complexes, and internal roadways.

LED-AREA-12 Series – 12 Inch Shoebox – 40W-100W
LED-AREA-16 Series – 16 Inch Shoebox – 100W-150W
LED-AREA-23 Series – 23 Inch Shoebox – 185W-480W



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