LED-HB-UFO-3802 Series, LED High Bay Light Fixtures, 300W, 320W

Duke Light’s LED-HB-UFO-3802 Series LED high-bay and low-bay fixture Has the appearance and innovation of the thermal structure design patents, delivers 33,220 median and 35,420 median lumens and provides an unmatched combination of high performance and affordability, eliminating the need for energy-wasting fluorescent and HID high-bay luminaires.

The ideal replacement for warehouse, industrial, education and other commercial high-bay applications, the Duke Light’s LED-HB-UFO-3802 High-Bay/Low-Bay LED luminaire cuts energy consumption in half and nearly eliminates maintenance costs with industry-leading price and performance.






(This product, or selected versions of this product, meet the standards listed below. Please consult factory for your specific requirements.)


Sports Lighting
Retail Lighting
Showroom Lighting
General Area Spaces Lighting
Warehouse Lighting
Factory Lighting
Grocery Store Lighting
Gymnasium Lighting

Product Information:

LED-HB-UFO-3802 Series for high bay lighting expands the application range, replacing from 750W PSMH.
Efficient light output, advanced optics and drive systems, significantly improving the economic value of end-use applications.


Light Engine:

LM80 COB LEDs up to 140 lm/w, L70@25°C 50,000+ hours, High transmittance (90%) PC Dome.
IP67 Optics IP rating, One-piece metal stamping process Technology aluminum fin heat sink for maximum heat dissipation.


Energy Saving Control Options:

010DIM – 0-10 volt -dimming enabled with controls by others.
MS – Motion Sensor switching responds to external line voltage signal from separate 120-277V controller or sensor (by others), with low light level decreased to 10% maximum drive current.
ZRDIM – Zigbee 2.4GHz Remote with controller in each fixtures, can be put all the fixtures simple mesh grouping control Programming ON/OFF, Programming Dimming.



UL Listed Class I drivers, IP67 waterproof rating used for wet location. IP68 Waterproof connector, for attachment of incoming primary wiring is supplied. Two-stage surge protection (including separate surge protection built into electronic driver) meets IEEE C62.41.2-2002, Location Category C. Available with universal voltage power supply 120-277VAC (50/60Hz input).



IP65 rating housing, One-piece metal stamping aluminum housing for excellent durability and strength. IK10 impact resistance, PC Dome.
Hook mount and NPT pipe Pendant mount.
Accessories available.



An enduring powder-coated finish provides long-term protection against ultraviolet light and chipping.
Over chromate conversion coating. custom colors available.


Expected Life:

Minimum 50,000 hours to 75,000 hours depending upon the ambient temperature of the installation location. Significantly reducing maintenance needs and expense over the life of the fixture.



5 Year Limited Warranty on Light Engine, Driver, & Housing.
Optional 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Available.

Ordering Information:

Example: LED-HB-UFO-3802-HK-7H7V-320-850-UNV-BLK-010DIM
For more support, Please consult factory.

Specifications / Performance:

Model No.LED-HB-UFO-3802-
Line Voltage
120 - 277120 - 277
Max Line Current
2.52 - 1.092.68 - 1.16
Light Engine
Watt x Units
20 x 2020 x 20
Driver Power
Watt x Units
320 x 1320 x 1

Characteristics / Data:

Testing ComplianceUL 1598 Standard
Surge Protection20KV / 10KA per ANSI/IEEEC62.61
FCC CompliancePart 15, Subp. C
IEC Protection ClassesClass I per IEC 61140
Ambient Temperature40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)
Luminaire Vibration3G (ANSI C136.31-2010)
Housing IK RatingIK10
Housing IP RatingIP65
Driver IP RatingIP67
Optics IP RatingIP67
Outdoor RatedWet Location
Light EngineL70 Rated Lifetime of 50,000+ hours.
DriverUL / CUL Listed Constant Current
Input Universal Line Voltage120-277 VAC
Input Line Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Power Factor> 0.9
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)<20%
Color Temperature5,000°K
Color Rendering Index(CRI)>80
Lumens Per Watt (Typical)>120
Environment FriendlyRoHS Compliant
Warranty5 Year Limited Warranty


PHOTOMETRICS & Application layouts are available upon request.
Contact DUKE Applications Group at layout@dukelight.com


Hook Mount
M20 x 1.5 mm
(Standard configuration)

Pendant Mount
3/4” NPT pipe size

(Verify more NPT pipe size with factory)

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