LED Lighting Engine Retrofit Kits, LED Lighting Sources

LED High Power Bulb Retrofit Kit
Duke Light High Power Bulb Retrofit Kits are engineered with metal stamping aluminum housings and are damp rated for outstanding reliability in warehouses, storage facilities, retail and light industrial locations with 12 to 35 foot ceiling heights.
Hook Mount, Pendant Mount, NPT Stem Pendant Mount and E39/E40 Mogul Edison Screw Base.
With Diameter 190 mm PC dome cover up to IP67 rating.

LED-HPB-2004 Series – 30W/40W/60W/80W
LED-HPB-2005 Series – 80W/100W/120W
LED-HPB-2006 Series – 120W/150W
LED-HPB-3010 Series – 20W/25W
LED-HPB-3011 Series – 30W/35W
LED-HPB-3012 Series – 40W/45W

LED Corn Light Engine / LED Acorn Retrofit Kit Lamps
Duke Light’s LED replacement lamps for HID leverage the low energy and long life of LED.The LED lamp screws into the existing fixture without wiring or costly upgrades.
The LED-CORN series retrofit lamps features excellent optics for increased visibility and security with a 360° light distribution designed to evenly illuminate area.

LED-CORN-150 Series – 40W/60W/80W/100W/120W/150W

LED Module Engine Lighting Source
Duke Light innovatively developed LED engine, has highly reliable aluminum extrusion  heat sink support and high light transmittance (93%) glass lenses ensure high efficiency and consistent light output.
Making it an ideal choice for retail lighting fixtures, commercia lighting fixtures, Industrial lighting fixtures and architectural lighting fixtures applications.
Accessories support, for made in the United States, making it simpler and more efficient.

LED-ENGINE-9090-40 Series – 15W/20W/25W
LED-ENGINE-90180-40 Series – 30W/40W/50W
LED-ENGINE-9090-50 Series – 30W/40W/50W
LED-ENGINE-90180-50 Series – 60W/80W/100W

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